Baywest Projects Ltd has developed a superior system to seal windows and doors,
utilizing two products, Envelope Sealant and Baywest STM (Sill Trough Membrane).
In combination, these products provide great protection against moisture penetration,
sealing in the value in your home.

Over the last decade, as building practises and code changes have improved the way homes are designed and built, Baywest has refined their system with the help of the engineering community. Our 2 component system utilizing Blue Goo and STM is the industry’s “Best Practice” model, providing peace of mind to many customers.

Protect your builds from water leaks.

What our customers say about us

Doug Beach
Every so often you come across a trade that makes you a better builder. Baywest Envelope Seal falls into this category. We have done over a thousand jobs with these guys and have never received anything buy great work, even better service, and top notch professionalism. I would never hesitate to recommend these guys to anyone, (well almost anyone because we may want to keep them for ourselves.)
Doug Beach - Homes by Avi
Gary Hoeft
I have had the pleasure of working with the Envelope Seal product for over 10 years. The product truly presented a solution that the Industry was looking for and has been using ever since. The Baywest team have always been there to support my team and I do commend them on certainly meeting and in most cases exceeding our expectations.
Gary Hoeft - Daytona Homes
Ron Copithorne
Envelope Seal has been a reliable Brookfield trade partner for over twelve years. Their prompt service and great product has ensured that our customers have weather tight dry homes.
Ron Copithorne - Brookfield Residential
Mark Carrier
In my many years of dealing with the Baywest Projects team, their attitude to providing exceptional customer service has never been in question. They have always been on the leading edge when it came to providing a product that will meet everyone’s requirements. The Envelope Seal product itself is outstanding and has effectively eliminated our service calls for window leaks. I look forward to working with Baywest Projects now and in the future.
Mark Carrier - McKee Homes
Wayne Bullitz
Baywest Projects have played an integral part in the growth of Hopewell Residential in the Edmonton market during the last 8 years. Their commitment to schedule, quality and safety have made Baywest a partner I would recommend to anyone in the building industry.
Wayne Bullitz - Hopewell Residential

Our Customers